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Oil & Filter
This may be the most important service item for any vehicle. Most vehicles benefit from oil & filter change every 5000 KM. Oil absorbs carbon and un-burnt fuel, these contaminants can break down the oils ability to effectively lubricate (and protect) your engine from pre-mature wear.
Chassis Lubrication
Today’s cars require less chassis lubrication than earlier models, however, checking parts like wheel bearing and steering components to ensure they are properly lubricated is good insurance to maintain a safe and fuel-efficient vehicle.
Transmission Service
Often overlooked, periodic service of your transmission will contribute to improved performance and fuel-efficiency. Most vehicles will benefit from transmission fluid change once a year.
Cooling System Flush Flushing the cooling system annually helps prevent build-up that can restrict the flow of coolant through your engine and radiator. This will reduce strain on your water pump and ensure proper operating temperature. Checking the hoses before they crack and leak is also a good investment in reliability. Tire Rotation and Balance Rotating your vehicles tires promotes even wear and extends the life of your tires. Maintaining their balance improves ride and handling as well as safety as a well balanced wheel and tire does not hop or vibrate, keeping maximum traction to the road.
Contrary to what marking people tell us, brakes are a wear item. The better the brakes the faster they will wear. Regular inspection of your vehicles brakes is standard procedure at Mantis. Modern vehicles equipped with vehicle stability systems use the brakes to control the vehicles balance, these vehicle may experience faster brake wear, especially on the rear.
Another often overlooked service item is your vehicles brake fluid, hydraulic fluids absorb moisture, moisture turns to a gas at temperature and can lead to reduced brake performance. We recommend flushing the brake fluid on an annual basis to keep your braking system ready when you need it.
Checking your cooling system for leaks and potential malfunctions can prevent expensive engine repairs and maintain good heat in the winter. Cooling system service is much less costly than repairs.
Proper maintenance and early diagnosis of potential electrical problems can save time-consuming breakdowns. If your vehicle is displaying potential electric problems the technicians at Mantis can diagnose and make repairs before they become a problem.
Mantis technicians are fully trained to service modern air-conditioning and heating systems. We will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, while in your car of course.
Besides maintaining your driving performance engine service increases fuel efficiency and can contribute to the life of your exhaust system by reducing the amounts of contaminants that can clog your catalytic converter and muffler. Having Mantis check your engine performance will save you money and keep your car performing well.
Wheel alignment is important to maintain your vehicles ability to steer and brake properly and is one of the most important contributors to extending your tire life. Most vehicles should be aligned once a year.
Leaky shocks don’t work! Replacing or repairing them will increase your vehicles ride comfort as well as safety. Mantis technicians understand suspensions and can keep yours performing like new.
Mantis performs scheduled engine service on all makes of vehicles. Modern engines require belt and timing service to maintain reliable performance. After regular oil changes performing this service is paramount to keeping your engine healthy.
Mantis technicians are experienced at diagnosing and repairing engine issues before they become a major problem. We also rebuild and repair older more tired engines, restoring their performance and increasing their service life in your vehicle.
Checking your drive train for leaks and potential malfunctions can prevent expensive mechanical repairs. Drive train service is much less costly than repairs.
   We service All Vehicles. We perform All Manufacturer's Scheduled Vehicle Maintenance

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